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There comes a time in a programmer’s life when, after endless hours of debugging, he/she starts questioning “You know what! My program is not working because the system is faulty! My hardware is screwed up or my OS is screwed up! Hey, I think the compiler/interpreter is buggy!” I myself have been there a couple times in my early programming days.

Rest assured, I can say with at least 99.999% confidence that he/she is wrong!!! Why do I say that? It’s a simple matter of which one is tested more and been used by many people. The program you are currently writing or your system/compiler??? The answer is obvious!

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GNU/Linux lecture and exercises

Those of you who wish to grasp

  1. shell scripting,
  2. regular expression (regex), and/or
  3. some fundamentals about GNU/Linux systems,


Want to be a shell scripting expert? Solve all exercises given in the above link!!

Look through references given in each lecture to understand more.

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Stochastic Recursive Algorithms for Optimization:

Simultaneous Perturbation Methods

Stochastic Recursive Algorithms for Optimization: Simultaneous Perturbation Methods
S. Bhatnagar, H L Prasad, L A Prashanth
Series: Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, Vol. 434, 302 pages, 2013
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  • SPSA Wiki lists our book as comprehensive reference text!
  • NIPS 2012 tutorial on Stochastic Search and Optimization by James Spall links to our book [Youtube Video]
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